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On Being a “Square Peg”

July 24, 2014

Writing. Teaching. Training. Speaking. It’s what I do best. It’s what I love. I tried to fit my “square peg” into a round hole these past two years pursuing a “real” job… 9-5 at a major employer. Other than making some amazing friends (a BIG shout out to Jeanine, Gillian, Carey, Carla, Rebecca, and Amanda!) this journey solidified what my heart already knew… This “renaissance soul”, this “scanner” this “polymath”, this”multipotentialite” has a different approach to using my gifts. (For a complete explanation of this personality type I highly recommend reading Emilie Wapnick’s insightful explanation on her blog Square Peg Picture

I am back to writing, with the outline for an e-book brewing in my head and blog and training topics multiplying daily. I am back in my studio painting. I take writing breaks by working in my perennial gardens. These are solitary pursuits, and I love socializing, so a challenge will be for me to step away from the computer and experience life “out there”. When you are self-employed, this is sometimes a hard thing to do… A lot of great relationships are formed and maintained “at work”… working from home? Not so many. What I am asking from you, dear readers, is support, encouragement, topic ideas, networking, and maybe a glass of wine every once and awhile. I am looking for speaking, training, and workshop leading opportunities, so keep me in mind if something crosses your path.

Following my own advice to live authentically and intentionally,


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