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How to Save a Life

October 22, 2010

Do you remember as a kid watching the cartoon where someone was pulled from the water after nearly drowning and his “rescuer” pumped on his chest chanting “out with the bad air, in with the good”? The water spurted forth. The victim sputtered and coughed; a life was saved.

Read that last sentence again. There is a great object lesson there.

So many times, our life has something that makes us feel like we are drowning; a relationship, a job, a lifestyle, an addiction, or maybe just our own bad attitude. Day after day we feel like we are going under again. Do we have the energy to make it to the surface another time?

Is there something giving you that drowning feeling in your life? What is the bad thing that needs to be eliminated? Sadly, sometimes there is no one around to rescue us but ourselves.

You don’t drown by falling in the water.  You drown by staying there.

~Edwin Louis Cole (1922-2002)

Are you willing to chant “out with the bad air, in with the good” in order to breathe again? Are you willing to get rid of the “bad air”?

Eliminating the bad takes courage.





Sometimes it takes everything we have. But, after the pain, the fear, the coughing, and the sputtering is fresh air and you will breathe easy again.

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